Sun, Sep. 30th, 2012 13:12
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Some years, September 30th is not a big deal to me.
  • I survived the tornadoes of April 2011, and the re-roofing.
  • I have a pretty good family.
  • I missed Dragon*Con but I'm going to spend a week at Disney World later in the year.  I'm making a costume for the Halloween party there -- a costume I've long wished I could do.
  • I survived cancer.
  • I survived cancer treatment.  In fact, at one point I survived two and a half weeks of only being able to eat apple sauce or oatmeal. Hello, weight loss! Where've you been?!
  • I survived finding out that, in a crunch, my parents have my youngest brother's back ... rather than mine.  Still kind of reorienting my world around that one.  It was not any of his doing at all, it was purely them.
  • I read the very last Spenser book.  I've seen a lot of people praise the new guy, but he's writing fan-fiction, not the actual characters as established. Key elements of Spenser, Hawk, and Susan are missing from Lullaby.  Defining traditions of their interaction are missing.  I wish Ace Atkins well, but I won't be picking any more of his versions up.
  • I lost 30 years' worth of hair growth. I started the sequel. I actually have to LOOK already to see my scalp!
  • I got my City of Villains main character to 50 at last.  She successfully -- with a LOT of assistance -- faked her death, and escaped. Now she starts living her life for her own purposes, rather than the mastermind's.
  • I wrote somewhat more than half a book.  As the mental effects of chemotherapy lull, I slowly redevelop momentum on writing the remainder.

This year's marker is worth commemorating, I think.
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Home.  Made it safely.

Legs hurt:  this is expected, despite hydrochlorotwhatsit.  Feet are swollen, so possibly also carrying extra fluid in leg muscles.

Monday around 11:00 a.m., I realized I was DONE.  Con was still in progress, I was interested in panels at 11:30 and two more at 1:00 p.m., but ... no way.  I was officially done.  Notified the Manly Contingent, trudged back to Hilton, fell back into bed, and slept at least five hours.  On my way to the room, I saw Tireseas at work, and took photographic proof from the hallway leading to my room.

Fingers hurt:  this was not expected, exactly, but makes sense, as we went through some rain and hail thick enough that most drivers pulled over to let the storm pass.  I am ballsy, not entirely unacquainted with the safety principles of "driving through blizzard", and capable of switching my brain to "watch for changes in light+shadow pattern" instead of "watch for color and apparent size changes"; this time around, the weather didn't quite get to the limits of my tolerance for safely driving through the storm.  However, in case of wind-tossing or instants of hydroplaning, I maintained a death grip on the steering wheel.

I remember thinking clearly, at least twice, "this would be a particularly sucky time for the power steering to go out again."  Fortunately, Deity did not find the premise amusing.

I still have not asked an intelligent, discussion-provoking question at panel.  Asked something at the Weird West panel that got me an, "I'll have to think about that," and off to the next question.  Maybe next year!  I did, however, make it to ConSuite, introduce myself to a Track Director, and the jury is still out on whether I'll find myself in anyone's photo collections.

While in the Bujold reading, I fingerknit a bookstrap for Tireseas' hardback, which I was carrying to get signed for him in return for his having done me the favor when Diane Duane came to Huntsville.  Had the MASSIVELY INSANE thought, later, "I could try fingerknitting myself a dress."  Dearly Beloved turned up the "saving you from yourself" card and pointed out very quickly how irate I would be, six months down the road, as this project goes to hell in a discordant handbasket.

In fact, we have given ourselves a mandatory two days' "sleep on it" before even strongly-tentatively committing ourselves to any particular project for next year.  Even the one Tommy likes.

Animals are home, itchy but not furious at us.  Everyone but me is asleep.  I guess I should sleep, too.  Pictures are mostly labeled, and will be uploaded to at least one gallery tomorrow.

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I'm not a visually memorable person -- brown eyes, five and a half feet tall, overweight, longish hair -- so I'm more likely to be recognized at Dragon*Con as "that one broad who was wearing the ...."

(Caveat:  I turn invisible when cameras activate.  Almost never am I spotted on film!)

I can about guarantee that no one at D*C will be wearing anything quite like me this year: better, sure; more impressive, absolutely; but I know I'm a Special Snowflake this time around because I'm designing and making some of my own stuff, following the venerable school of "Let's see what happens if I do THIS!" costume design.

Today I'm sick of sewing, so I'll talk about what I'm sewing, instead:  a variation on Fingerless Gloves.

Ooo, a cut would be a nice thing to do. )
What do you think?  Too ornate already?  Needs more floof?


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