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Today's topic is probably best labeled "beauty care", I guess:  Not really dinner table conversation, but no terms unusable in the presence of preadolescents.

I'm a healthy, typical American mix of several ethnic subgroups:  in my case, that'd be Irish, Italian, and German.  In the genetic lotto, I inherited pale skin that freckled in my youth, but doesn't tan easily; large pores, which turn attempted use of makeup into a logistical nightmare; and very thick, dark hair that starts well below the surface of semitranslucent upper skin.

In other words, the hair on my head is only now starting to thin down to "average" at quite a bit more than thirty-five years of age; it's long enough that I have accidentally sat on it before, and as a teen/college kid I could get the Tina Turner Effect simply by brushing my mostly-dry hair over my head until all the knots were completely out, and then standing upright and throwing the hair (using both hands!) upward out of my face.  No hairspray or hair goop needed.

The hair on my legs, however....
... that's another story entirely. )

Now if only we could convince Target's Buyer that fat ladies also have a need for businesswear slacks, versus the current and past several years' repeated options of "crop pants" (Uhm, pants designed for beach/boatwear are NOT officewear!) and "sweatpants or jeans" (We don't just lounge around the house or the gym, we have to make the money to afford said house and gym!), I'd be doing remarkably well.  I haven't been shaped right for anything at Avenue and similar plus-centric clothing stores around here.

It's raining yet again, so I ought to be taking my steampunk outfit from storage and examining it for mending; Extraordinary Contraptions are coming into town next month, and I'm really looking forward to seeing them again.
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Tis the day to offer this traditional suggestion:
If you're trying to download the latest World of Warcraft patch, and it hangs and/or crashes and/or simply fails to work, REBOOT YOUR COMPUTER.
Particularly if it hangs at under 10% downloaded, and then tells you that the downloader failed, and then closes itself, REBOOT YOUR COMPUTER.

I had to reboot only once, and downloaded from the starting point over again with no troubles, and am now in-game.

In other news: )


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