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Under the cuts are a pair of essay/rants I wrote in another forum, slightly cleaned up to be less context-specific, on the topic of Being a Reader.  I expect the forum admin to delete the thread shortly, and wanted to save these for future reference: I might someday discover I'm off the mark, here.

I started off the first essay by quoting the prompter's arc-wide complaint, and then quoted (with citations to episode and chapter) two specific examples that directly countered his claim.  I could've posted more, but two seems like a solid argument where three (or more) seems like haranguing.


The person who prompted the first rant replied with something rather unsettling, and I had to call him on it.  The full body of work currently contains fifty-four completed short stories, some of them novella length, a couple possibly novel-length.  I'm a fairly fast reader, and I cannot quite read them all in one lazy Sunday.  The prompter started the conversation discussing "most of the main story", which later turns out to be inaccurate -- he's only read a little under two-thirds of it, and is decrying supposedly widespread flaws across the entire work.

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Clearly one of the pre-Classical Muses, she has lately decided that my head will be full of scenes and phrases right up to the very second where I try to record them -- by typing, by writing, even by speaking them aloud, it doesn't matter. They all jumble up the very instant I try to let them out of my head. I've been this way for months, worse, and feel this guilty suspicion that the problem may be my own laziness: maybe I'm subconsciously avoiding some hard, but necessary, work that needs to be done.


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