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I buy list-making pads with magnets on the back, and attach them to the inside of the front door, up at eye level.  This is the grocery list.

Occasionally, other members of the household remember to add things to this list when they notice we are low on something, or even out.  A few times a year, other members of the household even remember to grab this list when they're going out for a while and plan on stopping by the grocery store.  It's not a perfect system, nothing is, but it improves our chances of success.

The other two members of the household have smartphones.  And reference them constantly.  And love having all their references in electronic format, so they can be accessed via smartphone at any random moment.

The rule of using online document storage such as Google Documents is a basic safety guideline for the entire Internet, really:  "put nothing out there that you wouldn't want read back to a jury of your peers from a witness stand".  But, hey, a grocery list should be boring AND pointless, right?  Ninja assassins are not going to benefit from discovering that we're out of Cokes again.

(We're out of Cokes.  They've been on the list since I created it, last week.)

So I made a Google Doc edition of our grocery list.  I included a link to the current weekly ad for our favorite store.  I shared it out, with editing permissions, to the rest of the household.

Who went on errands Saturday, including the grocery store.

With their smartphones.

Does a grocery list exist if it goes unaccessed?

Very late Saturday, I went to bake a variant of something called Tommy's Enchiladas.  No aluminum baking dishes.  Well, it was raining when they got home, so they left some of the groceries in the trunk and just brought in the refrigeratables, the cat litter, and the doggy chow.

Sunday midday, I went to bake said variant enchiladas.  No baking dishes.  Still in the car, I guess?  No, turns out, the grocery list wasn't referenced.  I am not quite sure what selecting principles were used.

I am drinking the last Coke.  Tomorrow will be interesting!
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