Fri, Mar. 11th, 2011

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In fact, she's my icon:  Elektra of the Teen Force, one of four superhero groups featured on Space Stars.

I wanted the teleportation, the telekineses, the long red hair, and the super-cool space bike.  I wanted to have durable, unquestioning, mutally supportive friendships with a couple of peers -- preferably guys, because even at age eight, a lot of the girls in my class were of alien mindsets to me.  I wanted the first question people asked about me to not be "who are you dating?" but "who are you fighting?":  what matters should be whether I'm a useful part of a heroic team, making the universe a better place, not whether I'm a decorative support for somebody else.  I thought Jan and Tarra were kind of disappointing:  they spent their entire existences being rescued by the nearest male character or admiring the lead male character.

Honestly, I'm pretty sure that this was not some early notion in my head of feminist concepts.  It's just that any character so useless, even the animal is more relevant to fighting the Bad guy ... I couldn't respect that character, much less identify with her.  Bad guys would see Elektra, though, and have the "Oh, crap!" reaction, and then she'd subdue them.  I could totally do that!  All I needed was a nifty outfit, complete with helmet, and to dye my hair the same color as Mom's, and learn how to ride a space bike....

Needless to say, it never quite worked out.  I did learn to keep aware of opportunities to handle a given situation with team tactics, though, instead of trying to promote myself as the primary hero.


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